Look a little closer…


…and you may be surprised what you see.

You can read as many namby-pamby spiritualistic Dao-esque publications as you like, telling you to ‘live in the moment’ or ‘become one with you inner self’ but you’ll never reach enlightenment. You can ‘Om’ yourself into a state of nausea or stick crystals up your Chakras till the holy cows are mooing at the door and the path to Nirvana will still have a ‘sorry – we’re closed’ sign on it.

The answer is simple: A drop of summer rain on a plum leaf. Go on – look closer…

Click here and look at it really big. If you find this place the universe will unfold and light and life will combine to create sheer perfection.

If this doesn’t work then get really drunk on cheap lager and eat a large Doner Kebab with extra chillies.

I didn’t surf today.

(Maybe I bunked off and went for a sneaky one the other day. Then again – maybe I didn’t…)


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