Look what I made Ma…

stairs from the back

…I am a rubbish son.

My mother often asks me to take photos of work so that she can check up on me see what I’ve been doing (in a loving, maternal type way). I have not performed this simple task for quite some time so here are a few pics of ‘Quinta do Cabril’.

It’s a work in progress – so a little imagination may be needed. Oh and maybe a lick of paint…

I didn’t surf today – bit busy doing manly buildery type stuff.


  1. looks fab…..and I already told you I’ll pop over with my brushes to help out with the painting…I’ll bring my own tea……x

  2. … gee, tootling around the net, hit on your blog … what a light hearted fellow ye be … we like your scupltures ALOT … keep at it fearless one, and remember, your good ol’ mum is always gonna love her wacky wayward son …

    best, c

  3. Hey BT – are you sure you can’t plaster ceilings? Still can’t find the kettle under all this rubble… x

    Welcome Canadada and thankyou. Wacky and wayward? Surely you have me misataken for another…?

    Ma – I’ll have some shots of the fixings and weld lines when the lights a bit better.
    Pa – airport? Are you going somewhere very far away?
    Ma – sometimes yes.

  4. Sculptures? Does canadada think you and daddypapersurfer are one and the same, d’ye think?
    Does he not know you spend quite a lot of time and effort denying your genetic inheritance?

  5. Ms Fae – quite tired myself – budge over…

    Tango(grrr) – I think this summer may be a little optimistic but by the next I shall definitely need one… xxxxx

    Ma – maybe Canadada is talking of the sculptural quality of my work and the way I take simple building materials and transform them into art?
    What genetic inheritance?… xxx

  6. I really like those stairs – most excellent job … I’m in the painful process of a major refurb job on Beach Bum’s shack and I’m looking for inspiration…

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