Lunchtime snoozing…


During lunch banter is usually fairly loud and predictable. AD rants on about how many women he wants to ‘do’ or waves he wants to ‘nail’ (I think that’s the right way round) and we listen and groan in the available spaces. Today the conversation drifted to interesting sleeping arrangements…

The usual drunken ‘halfway home ended up in a hedge’ stories or ‘woke up wedged into an armchair with a mouth full of doner kebab’ type reared their heads. I thought I’d trumped everyone with my ‘woke up in a bath, in a bathroom in an all girls school dormitory, woken up by a pack of screaming girls’ tale.

But then, from nowhere came Hippy Richard, my latest employee. A slight and wirey man that we call the human JCB. He won’t use power tools, he doesn’t need power tools – just point him at a pile of something give him a shovel and say dig. Then he will dig and dig. Until all is dug. Amazing.

Anyway, his quiet voice pipes up through his tangled beard (a voice rarely heard) and recounts a lunchtime snooze on a building site. He fell asleep on the tracks of a large bulldozer and was so gone by the end of lunch that even the driver starting up the engine didn’t disturb him. Finally only the dozer driving off and dumping him into the mud could arouse him from his slumber…

Now that’s dedication to the art.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Hi Nursie – I think I may have mentioned it somewhere. But I can’t remember…
    Don’t you think we look lovely together on Lizza’a blog…?

  2. What a nice blog you have! I was checking FuelMyBlog today for new and interesting ones, and stumbled on yours. I have tagged you for a meme on my blog if you would like to participate. Hope you do. You have a new fan!

  3. Welcome webduck and thanks for the nice words – if you could have a word with Nina that would be nice (see ‘Er…’). I’ll be over shortly for a peruse.

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