Man flu…?

I should be so fricking lucky.

Having spent several days talking like Steven Hawking and pretending that the huge lumps of greeny/browny seafoodesque mucus hurling from my lungs were completely normal I’ve taken medical advice (Huwj is a fully qualified psychotherapist) and been to the pharmacy to get some antibiotics strong enough to reanimate most corpses. The pills are so large there was some question as to whether they were pessaries or not. If I get really bored I might try them out…

No I didn’t surf today. Thanks for asking. Going back to bed now and yes I am sulking…


  1. Penfold…my dear boy…get Huwj, who by all accounts sounds like a jolly decent chap, to go down to the local shop for fresh lemons, manuka honey (he’ll know all about that coming from New Zealand) fresh ginger (to be grated) and then make a VERY HOT drink for you …don’t forget to add lashings of rum. Then take 2 hotwater bottles to bed with you and I’ll be over to take your temperature and place a cool compress on your head………ok ?

  2. Why thank you BT – I shall just be slipping into some Winnie the Pooh pyjamas and snuggling into bed by the time you get here…

    Cripes Woppity I think you may be right. I’ll have to reassess my lubrication situation.

    Tweeny – OK. But what did the first one say…?

  3. I wonder where it went in internet limboland??
    It was along the lines of …. ‘it certainly sounds like man flu as you have been to get anti B’s & that VitC is great’ I almost OD’d on it to get rid of my ‘bird flu’. Take care, rest and snuggle up with what ever you fancy’…. I think ???

  4. I take my last antibiotic capsule tomorrow morning for something that sounds similar to what you’re enduring now.
    Perhaps I should’ve warned you not to visit my blog whilst I was ill– I am certain I have spread my plague to teh interwubs with my keystrokes!

    Get well soon!

  5. Bend over the arm of a sofa or hang over the edge of the bed and get Huwj to play your back like a djembe. Will bring up loads of ‘gunk’ and helps get it out of your body faster. Hope you feeling better soon sweetie. Big healing kisses and short nurses uniforms xx

    ps. i used to like seafood …

  6. Ohh, you’re ill. Poor P. Well, you have a nurse to look after you and various others to look after your fever. But maybe I can put my thumbs to good use and give you a man-flu massage. 😉

    Seriously, hope you get well soon.

  7. Don’t come down here until you’re 100% better – we don’t want to catch this diabolical plague!!!!
    [Gin cures most things BTW, taken in large doses with a tad of tonic, ice and a slice]

  8. come on your over the ” MAN FLU!!!” now write something new im getting bored, the surf has gone shite again here whats it like down there in the south and hows the folks.
    see ya soon

  9. If you get bored enough to start wanting to stick things up your bum, I’m going to have to start singing “let me entertain you”. BTW Jacket pic fantastico.

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