Message for Papersurfer Jr (aka Dylan)…

Please could you, whilst visiting your venerable grandparents do several things for me…?

1 – give your grandmother (aka KPX) a big hug and a big kiss from me.

2 – give Grumpy (aka Daddy Papersurfer) a chinese wristburn and if the opportunity arises – a deadleg.

3 – find out if giant butterflies do giant piles of poo….

thankyou.  I miss you loads.

Your loving father.

PS don’t forget to brush your teeth!


  1. 1 – Yes, I’ve done that

    2 – OK, I’ve done a chinese wristburn and a chinese legburn on Grumpy [Owwwwwwwww – DP]

    3 – The Butterfly Centre has closed down so the poo question will remain a mystery

    DP says – I’ve borrowed his teeth so I’ll clean them for him

  2. Umm.. I know you’ve probably taught him not to talk to strangers, and since he doesn’t know me I most certainly am a stranger, but Penfold, do you think you could tell your lad that I’m an ok stranger and so if I ask him to do that #2 thing again, he would?


    Oh, and the #1 thing too, because I bet she deserves it as does DP deserve the #2.

    Double thanks.

  3. Unfortunately my deadly pint sized assassin is no longer in play at the DP household so all further requests for wristburns will have to be logged for future missions…

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