Once upon a time there were strange people standing in a muddy field before a crowd of funky ravers.

They stood behind 2 machines made by Technics with the number1200 stamped upon them.

Plastic discs turned round and around. They placed metal pins called needles upon these discs and a beautiful sound was heard…

Please find below a small mix of some house classics – from ’92 and ’93. Genuine vinyl, genuine crackles and genuine mistakes.

Track list:

  • Schmoo (original mix) by Spooky on Guerilla records
  • Flute on (voice on mix) by Secchi on NTM records
  • Amber groove (toxic hijak mix) by SAS on Liquid Music
  • Lion rock (most excellent mix) by Lion Rock on Deconstruction
  • Pacific symphony (DJ Ricci Pacific remix) by Transformer 2 on DFC
  • Passion (naked mix) by Gat Decor on Flying records


    1. You can join in with all the other middle aged ravers across the globe. You’d better get better soon – we have to go surfing…

  1. Enjoyed the music, scratches and all. It (slightly) opened the window to some long-forgotten memories. Dammit, you just made me long for some good old vinyl records.

    I LOVE the pic. Did you take it?

    1. Thank you LL. I’m afraid the picture was shamelessly stolen from the interweb due to bad lighting over my own decks. I will try again tomorrow if the sun ever comes out again x

  2. Enjoying it immensely – the music reminds me of John Digweed – Journeys By DJ Vol. 4 (Silky Mix) from ’94, do you know it?

    1. Welcome Renoir. I do know it, but I’m not sure John would appreciate the comparison. His mixing was always far more ‘silky’ than mine. I always preferred the more ‘organic’ approach.

      Thank you – there will be more…

      (PS – how’s the weather in Scandinavia today?)

  3. “Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end” tra-la ……. no really, we thought they’d NEVER end ……. and apparently they haven’t ….. [just popping out to read some number plates]

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