Mmm shiny…

I’ve just picked up my loverly truck from the oficina.

Now it’s a loverly shiny truck with new oil and grease and tyres and all that stuff. If trucks could smile it would be grinning from mirror to mirror.

It’s been a few years since it went to the day spa for trucks so I thought a treat was in order – a quick massage, exfoliation and a go in the sauna. Then a light lunch, some yoga and a quick shower. Bob’s your aunties live in lover. All sorted – happy truck.

So in a couple of weeks I hit the road to Blighty for a quick mission – some furniture shuffling and maybe a sly surf in the north of Spain (one day when I’m man enough I shall attempt to surf Mundaka) visit Ma n Pa Papersurfer, have a cup of the old mangreen with Tiggz and Frog the dog – maybe slip in a pint of cider and a Melton Mowbray then back home in time for tea.

I didn’t surf today. I sorted out the transport though…


  1. Your mother and I have had a meeting and a long discussion and we would like to know ‘what the …. is mangreen? [is it a designer drug or herbal tea?]

  2. I sure seem to be having trouble with your comment section today. Where is my hammer? Bang Bang Smack… there all better now…. I meant to say congrats on getting your ride all pimped out.

  3. Mangreen – hmmm not sure you should know.
    PQ – cheers darlin’, just need to fill it full of boards and head off…
    Nursie – afraid not my angel – I shall have to make a special trip to see you…

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