Morning tube ride

Another creation from the Papersurfer-Pixar workshops. It’s a new technique recently developed called ‘dynamic retrographical inversion’.

This is achieved by painting a lovely picture, then rubbing it out again very carefully (whilst filming it with a camcorder) and then playing the footage backwards on a television whilst recording the screen with another camera.

There are are a few minor technical details that I won’t bore you with (like how you rub out paint one layer at a time without filming your own hand) needless to say it was very technical and required a large amount of being very boffiny. Please enjoy…

I didn’t surf today. Although I did make some tiny surfboards out of plywood. Not the same…


  1. Very good indeed, enjoyed it a lot – but I have to ask (and if this a daft question forgive me) – rather than erasing and then playing backwards, couldn’t you have filmed yourself drawing it in the first place….?

    1. Thanks Diane. No rubbers were actually harmed during the making of this film. It was actually completed first in multiple layers in Photoshop then each layer was ‘masked’ and then revealed gradually in turn whilst taking an automatic screenshot of each click with the chosen brush. This ensures that the finished result is as you want it and you never actually delete any of the original artwork. Simples (sort of).
      But don’t tell anybody…

    1. Thanks Mama B.

      Is that ‘quite’ as in ‘completely’ or as in ‘a peeny lickle bit’… ?

        1. I was thinking of making some video ecards soon. (Maybe with a pair of budgies in the starring role… x)

  2. The correct definition of ‘quite’ is very important. I assume djbeat is reasonably well educated and has used it correctly.

    Excellent Papersurfer-Pixar production …… I could even get used to the sound track …… given enough time ……..

    1. Although well educated she is also Canadian and can be excused some ignorance in the correct usage of the Queen’s English.

      For example in Canadianese the word ‘squirl’ is used to describe a small, bushy tailed, grey rodent that eats nuts in trees.

  3. liked the product – and appreciate the glimpse behind the art studio doorway…. spent part of my day playing hooky from meetings and wandered the beach watching surfers play in sloppy little atlantic waves. they had fun. so did i.

    1. Hooky is a good game to play – one of my favourites. Anything feels better if you’re supposed to be doing something grown up elsewhere. It’s like eating other peoples chips (fries) they always taste better…

    1. You win the prize for the person that got to the end of the post before falling asleep. I’m making small stands to go in a couple of shops to display my book… x

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