My Babel fish has broken…


Being one of the few English people I know that has actually managed to get their mouths around any semblance of Portuguese I was most horrified to realise today that my mastery of the aforementioned lingo had completely evaporated. I was talking to the carpenter (giving him a slight roasting for making a few fundamental mistakes – such as doors that won’t open and windows you can’t see through) when my brain stalled mid-sentence. Completely ground to a halt. All my linguistic knowledge evaporated in a moment. I couldn’t even swear at him properly.


On returning to the Grimstone and attempting to communicate with AD and Nick I realised that I couldn’t speak English either which was slightly comforting in a strange way. I’ve realised that my tiredness threshold has been surpassed and the insomnia coupled with Grimstone activity has started to affect my brain in strange and interesting ways.

I’ve been hearing Leo Sayer singing in my head a lot recently. I wonder what that means……?

I didn’t surf today.

PS Dearest Clients, your doors and windows are now loverly ‘cos I mended them. The builder.


  1. ‘The cat started it’s bolt….?’
    Twinfinny have you been using translation websites again? It’s a dangerous business you know…

    If my Portuguese degrades to the level of I know who it is that you are speaking then I’d better move out…

  2. Babel fish looks as if he has been swimming downstream from the Toxins-R-Us factory. That, or it has eaten a steady diet of fast food for a few months.

  3. Hi Laura – that’s what I look like in the morning after a few too many glasses of brandy…
    Welcome Ms Paw – a most fitting analogy – although gaseous emission due to constipated diorrhea of the outer cerebellum may be more clinically accurate. Brain fart sounds better though – and I can spell it all without using a book.

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