Natural selection…


I’ve been playing Super Mario Kart for over 20 years and (unless Tiggz is playing) am unbeatable.

Until now.

Dylan, not only beat me, but beat the computer and opened a secret level.

My work here is done…

I didn’t surf today


  1. LMAO! Van plays that game & kicks my ass. (he’s almost 7) But…I still remember the tricks for beating pac-man….and refuse to tell him. I’m a mean mom…

  2. Doesn’t take long for the little darlings to get the upper hand does it? I hate children – they never play properly and when they do, they win. My advice is cheat by tickling or sitting on if it looks as if you’re going to get beaten. This works until they are bigger than you. What am I doing? You know all this stuff.

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