Nature – it gets everywhere…

birds escher
The Grindstone is supposed to be a building site. Unfortunately somebody forgot to put up an eviction notice in ‘birdy-beasty talk’.
It was like a nature reserve at work today – swifts flying into the house and doing their swoopy, swifty flitting nonsense. Giant bumble bees droning their clumsy flight paths into anything that doesn’t move. Then there’s the nesting tweeters in a hole in the living room wall – whose warbling parents are constantly flying back and forth with squelchy looking grubs and caterpillars to regurgitate to their sproglets. Following suit are the family of blue tits in the new brickwork for the bathroom. Thats before we get onto the geckos, the skinks, the bees, ants, butterflies and dragonflies.
There is nature everywhere – it’s just growing all over the place. Sod off! I’m trying to get on with my work!

So when my clients wonder why there are small holes in and out of every room and there are nesting boxes above the TV and the bathroom mirror – it’s due to the current occupants – who seem to be ignoring all official paperwork…

I didn’t surf today. But I did get close to nature.


  1. I love Escher………..good choice. Nature…….bah humbug. More concrete everywhere, that’s what we need.[this was brought to you courtesy of Daddy Papersurfer, edited, that’s why I didn’t mention the tits]

  2. Funny stuff Mr. P. I grew up on a small farm….we were always bringing nature (mice, snakes, birds, etc…) indoors.

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