New and blue

It’s mostly not old and I didn’t borrow much of it.

Fairly funky, a bit flouncy and bouncy with a bit of groove in it. It’s a prototype wedding mix designed to make really old people go to bed and really young people go elsewhere. Everybody in between (if all goes to plan) will have to get up to get down.

There’s also a few deliberate mistakes just to prove that it wasn’t mixed by robots…

Playlist (MP3 on VDJ):

  • Hip house by Kabale und Liebe & Lauhaus
  • Get your things together (soulmagic funk dub) by Soulmagic and Ebony
  • Groove for the main room by Peter O
  • Everything is naturally free by P’taah
  • Ride my Carpet by Manuel Sahagun
  • There is NO David Getah tonight by Sami Dee
  • The Piano Track by Stadi and Sidney Spaeth
  • You the Feeling by Wayne Williams
  • Somebody by Ministry of Funk
  • Let the Music by Simone Vitullo


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