New blog anybody…?

…after several days slaving over a hot graphics tablet the Emporium makeover is nearly complete.

I’ve decided to go old school and use the nearest thing to a pencil that works with a computer – hope you like the results. There are also a few new WordPress-type coding hints which I will gradually build up into a usable library – so don’t forget to subscribe to the feed.

Now if you’ll excuse me my frontal sinonasal barotrauma (I just like saying it) is playing up…

I didn’t surf today  *sniff sniff*


    1. Personally I couldn’t give a flying monkey’s left testicle what that grizzly old buttock-faced Colonel thinks about my new site.
      I’d like to take his WBC regulation handbook and ram it up his inbox…

        1. …and don’t think I’m afraid of you and your bun-headed efficiency Frau Sauerpuss.
          Mind you – I bet you know how to alphabetise a hosen-wurst or two.

  1. love the artwork – yowza! may have to commission you to do the Trailer Park overhaul one of these days!

    i’m a bit confused about the “frontal sinonasal barotrauma”, though… how did an opera singer get stuck in your nosehole?

    1. Well that’s probably a story best told late at night after a stiff Jack in a smoky bar (if there are any left on the planet) out of earshot of anyone with a delicate constitution…

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