New toys…

I have new toys. I have finally dived into the dslr market (at the deep end incidentally, still slightly in shock) and got myself a shiny camera.
The intention being to get some loverly shots of all my friends doing stupid things in the sea on surfboards.

This will obviously involve more beachtime than I’ve been getting recently. A sacrifice yes. But one that I’m willing to make for the sake of art.
My other toy is flickr. I’ve posted a few pics and will at some point post some more. Probably. Just click on the sunflower and you will be magically transported to my meagre portfolio.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Pesky work – I think it’s overated as a way of life. I got a Pentax K10. Bit nervous about taking it out into the real world at the moment…

  2. I’m a Flickr robot. I spend too much time there and have found more unique, nichey, interesting groups (and joined most of them) than I could ever hope to keep up with even if I had a week in a day to try. I love the rural exploration, abandoned houses groups best. Yet there are so many weird little artsy ideas I can’t resist.

  3. just wanted to let you know that i thought of you whilst hugging a tree today. big ol’ mossy tree still wet from from rain. i was mtn.biking in a forest in Annecy, France. The mountain is called Semnoz. thought i would share the love.

  4. Hey grrl – nothing wrong with being a tool. Just look at my dad…

    Treehugger – thanks for sharing. Thanks for hugging.

    Dad – what you laughing about? Numpty.

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