New wordpress theme anyone…?

… well it took me a while to iron out all the small print (and draw tiny little campervans) but my first full WordPress theme is done and dusted. If anybody likes the look of it and is running a site then you can download this for free at (or click on the preview above).

Any feedback would be good – especially any functionality issues/requests for future themes…

I did surf today. It was small, windy and mushy and my ears are full of sand but I loved it….

10 Replies to “New wordpress theme anyone…?”

  1. Ma – you’re more than people. You’re like a national institution… x

    Thank you Nursie. I think you’re right – not quite right for the Gimcrack. Maybe a padded wall and some handcuffs…?

    Thanks Tango (grrr). I did but it’s nice to hear it again. Did I say grrr? I meant to say grrrr xxx

  2. The moontail looks fantastic! I had the same experience a couple of years ago when I went from log to fish – so much more fun to be had. Things are lloking exciting this week – swell gets up to 12ft in a few days (yikes)…

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