Nipping at your nose…

melting frost 1

…things are getting a tad chilly over here. Some mornings all you can hear is a couple of thuds from the brass monkey cage.

One great thing about living here is when it’s really cold you know it’s going to be sunny – I took this photo just as the frost was melting in the garden. The frost pulls together into amazing spheres then very quickly evaporates into wisps of mist in the sunshine. Nature – it’s bleedin’ marvellous ain’t it?

We saw an Egyptian mongoose outside the back door yesterday. Too shy for a camera call unfortunately…

I didn’t surf today. I was too busy being in balance with the Universe…


  1. cold and grey here! but i too am immersed in nature.
    thanks to the soothing narration of david attenborough,i find real nature is a bit noisy for me birds and insect`s and rouge mammal`s of strange origin(that thing stuck in the house last year)
    tv is a much safer enviorement to observe nature(esspecially with a hangover)
    keep it real in the mountains home boy

    1. Notoriously idiotic when it comes to directions. Mummy mongoose has the map upside down and Daddy mongoose refuses to ask for directions…

    1. You make sure you wrap up nice and snuggly there Somny old chap. Don’t want you getting frosty on your extremities.

        1. Go to the photo – click on ‘all sizes’ (in tiny letters on the top of the photo) then click on ‘Original (1280×768)’ then wait….
          Then click on ‘Download the original size’.
          Am I typing this slowly enough for you?

  2. AHh those frosty mountain mornings. Some times i wonder what i am doing living at Alamagreira!.
    Oh yeh now i remember AHh

  3. Personally i think cold and pretty is over rated ,I`m with db.
    Oh PS;its board shorts season here by the wahay.
    I hope you all enjoyed your shortest day `oop north`,ours was rather long `down here`.
    Seasons greetings from Mr Smuggly Humbug

  4. It’s pretty cold here at 24C in the wee hours of the morning.

    How come I don’t get to see none of that pretty dewy pearly things on the leaves?


    Best holiday wishes to you, P.

  5. just to let you know Almagreira was perfect today the first time in so long,
    and i got smashed!!! oh and caught a few as well ye ha
    see you soon i hope

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