Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…


I got an annoying bug in an email today. Now you have it too.

So – here I am, sitting in the back of my truck, the sun is just starting to lose it’s grip on the day and all is fine. I have driven my truck for several hours (always a pleasure) parked it with the back door facing the ocean, been for a surf and eaten cake. What could be finer?

I’ve been living in vehicles on and off for a very long time – it started with caravans lodged next to building sites when I was a kid, I added an engine to the mix when I left school and made the dubious choice of buying a tiny ex-post office van. Not only did it look like Noddy’s car it had similar performance, but it got me half way around Europe and back again so not without merit. I then made a massive leap up the vehicular property ladder and bought a beautiful classic bus. At 36 feet long it was like moving into a mansion and with a few weeks of carpentry tomfoolery it soon had a boudoir, food preparation area and living quarters complete with threadbare sofa and rusty woodstove.

Since then I have had many vehicles of all shapes and sizes. I’ve had aging trailers held together with gaffer tape and string and a ridiculous bus that looked like a loaf of bread. I’ve driven an army lorry with a gun turret and I built my own gypsy wagon from scratch. Right now – I have a modern lorry. It looks like a chest freezer on wheels. Boring and white – but it starts when I turn the key and it doesn’t break down and leak oil into my eyes when it’s pissing with rain in the middle of the night. Inside I have a kitchen, a bed, a stereo and a surfboard rack.

Most importantly I can have a new back garden every morning and quite often it’s the beach…

Fans of my father’s writing need to brace themselves for tomorrows post. I fear after teetering on the rim of sane thought and reason he has finally plunged head first into the mire of madness. A line may have been crossed – I now wash my hands of him – he is not my father any more (if he ever was)…

I surfed today – and I might tomorrow too.


  1. Your mobile abode sounds so enthralling, except for the one that looked like a loaf of bread. Waking up to the smell and sound of the sea, ahh. Yummy.

    Happy surfing, and looking forward to evidence of your father’s fun swan dive into insanity.

  2. I am becoming doubtful whether it was wise to use you as my publicist…………….oh yes and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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