Old skool….

ADstylin' it....

I’m glad I know AD. He keeps me sane with his insanity.

A couple of years ago he cast away his career as a music producer and quit flying all over the globe playing techno to the masses to return to Portugal to spend more time with his kids and treat his body and mind with a little more respect.

Once upon a time he was a pro skater and avid surfer but the 10 years in sunny Hackney destroying brain cells and collecting fat cells stripped him of those important life skills. A few months of Portuguese life and he’s ripping it up on concrete and the waves. He’s discovered (as have I) that you don’t need to get completely wankered to get off on life and that good company doing good things is the best way to spend your days.

I’ve posted a few shots at flickr of a small session at Peniche skate park. I took Papersurfer Jr and AD took his youngest to bust some moves on the ramps. I took the difficult option and held the camera…

Last time I tried to drop into a half pipe it wasn’t just my dignity I lost….

I didn’t surf today. But yesterday was amazing. Did I mention it?


  1. KEEP HIM AWAY FROM SKATE PARKS!!!!! It was something I was going to beat him at – I’ve been practising and everything [including throwing little bits of gravel at the wheels of other skate-boarders].
    Very nice piccies BTW.

  2. The thought of you on a skateboard is quite alarming – as much as I love the idea of you in traction I think Mum might still need you for a bit….
    (ta btw)

  3. Oh My god!! what a gorgeous, flexible, athletic, beautifull AD! and what gorgeous kids!!! you guys deliver 😉 well! x

    Hey Marc, where are your actionman pics?

  4. Hey Noor – I’m not sure I’d heap quite so much praise on AD but the kids are definitely gorgeous!
    My pics? Well I had a photographer lined up but she disappeared somewhere…. x

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