On the one hand…


…I could go to work and get covered in cement and sawdust. Get hot and tired. Probably bruise my left elbow on a random rock and cut my little finger with a chisel. Lose my tape measure again and break a fingernail or two (I tell you – this building work plays havoc with your cuticles).

On the other there are clear blue skies and empty beaches. The waves are coming in at five to six foot (a clean, long range swell with little or no wind – this will continue for at least the next week) so I could be surfing perfect waves, lounging around in a hammock and drinking large fruity cocktails.

A tough choice…

I didn’t surf today. Yet.


  1. Both those tracks are actually going in the same direction – how portentous is that?

    Reading the tea leaves I see a wetsuit and, hang on a minute, yes…. no…. bother. DP’s put some more water in the pot.

  2. Not recently but I have been stuck up here in the mountains for a while. I’ll let you know when I get to the beach – any distinguishing features I should be looking out for…?

  3. I brill sense of humour, a legendary laugh and an excellent social butterfly who can converse in any subject except maths.. oh and her sketch books are wicked
    she has no tattoos 🙂

  4. Well that narrows down the search pattern considerably. So I’ll keep my eyes open for a laughing bird with some charcoal in her hand not talking about algebra…

  5. hi. how clumsy a person can be to lose a tape measure over and over again, as you said…

    “lose a tape measure again…” 😉

    *wonder wonder*

    just drop in! take care and good nite! *kisses*

  6. i have measured the distance between the two paths and they are equi (technical term brother!)so stretch yourself and try both i say. you’ll end up supple if nothing else….

    students of surf….desire weighs much greater than capabilities…working the scales though. aka madfish xxxx

  7. Baby – I think clumsy would cover the bruised elbow and the cut finger whereas being a forgetful git would cover the tape measure loss *spin spin* *topple* *crash* x

    Ms insideouteybrain – you are wise beyond your years. I should have come to you throughout my life for inspiration rather than turning pointlessly again and again to the Old Git…

  8. thank you kind sir, i get it from the grasshopper side of my family.
    Cement…i like the sound of that, wonder if its french. xx

  9. Do remember that sea water can play havoc with the condition of your nails, too, and that a nice shiny protective top coat would suffice in the event of surfing. Then again a nice shiny nail sets off the look of any cocktail you may be holding…..!

    Can’t wait for your next surf, bet it’ll feel great!

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