One good thing…

penfold sandwich

…about living up a mountain – when travelling to work I don’t have to sit on a crowded tube train wedged in between Mr and Mrs Wittering from Dribbleton in East Bollockhamshire.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. The ‘prawn short of a cocktail’ head comes over the parapet to say … cool drawing. I too thought the post was to be about your folks.

    I have not been subject to ‘Mr and Mrs Wittering from Dribbleton in East Bollockhamshire’ this week on the heeeeelish commuter train but a very very loud Miss West Bollockmankchester with ‘ya know what I mean yeah! It was great but what was she wearing?’ type drivel…. a rude awakening to reality

  2. My folks are far too beautiful to be depicted in such a manner…

    I think I’ve met Miss West Bollockmankchester – maybe it was that ‘Coyote ugly’ night…

  3. We’re actually a tribe of tiny elves who all blog and draw using the same nome de plume.

    I’m thinking I’ve been up too long at this point. Time for bed methinks. Nite x.

  4. Kick-ass drawing Penfold. It does absolulte justice to the inflamed kiwi problem I’ve read so much about these days of late. It must be running rampant among men of that “age”.

    That color looks smashing on you!

  5. Well I’m in the lucky position of being able to walk up the mountain (when one is carrying as many bags as I do + laptop…the hill up to Crystal Palace is a bloody mountain) to my studio and I have completely forgotten what it is like to travel in ‘commuter land’…..and you have 10/10 for the drawings…

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