Open for business…

I’ve just received notification from the powers that be that the WBC is now accepting applications for blog appraisal. Please be aware that approaching the World Blog Council for evaluation will only result in frustration and offence.
There will be huge delays as the entire system is in beta and has no intention of upgrading or debugging. There is no point leaving complaints in any format because they will be completely ignored.

If anybody wishes to leave their CV with the personnel department for duties at the WBC they may be glanced at at some point before being descarded in a casual and offhand manner…


I didn’t surf today. Next week is looking good though…


  1. I already have a non-fugly certificate from the WBC. I’m quitting while I’m ahead; I’m certainly not giving them the chance to take even that away from me.

    But I’ll keep an eye on the WBC’s shenanigans. They should be interesting.

  2. Dad – you never know. But that has never stopped you before!
    I’m sure your patience will be noted Sr. Blunt.
    Lizza – go on be bold. The results may be alarming…

  3. I think you’ve cracked it – it’ll be just like dealing with British Gas. Brilliant light bulb, nudge, nudge.

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