…okay – so I didn’t cry like a tiny baby. That doesn’t make me less of a man does it?

My tattoo has been started – a continuation of the Maori design from my arm that quickly merges into a large Japanese piece with a Koi carp, some waves and then eventually a few maple leaves and orchids. The whole thing will cover the right side of my back. So far so good – the lines are clear and nicely drawn. The next session in a few weeks time will see some shading and colour arrive and then one more round of excruciating pain and all will be complete… before I start thinking about the next one.

It’s interesting that people feel the need to customise themselves and even more interesting how they choose to do it – with ink, piercings, scarification even coral implants that grow under the skin. I’ve seen photos of men with their penis cut completely in half and women with enough surgical steel in their pants to cause real issues in airport security…

I guess at first when I was a youth-hindered spotty oik I thought it was a statement of individuality but perhaps it’s the exact opposite. Maybe it’s a tribal instinct wanting to say ‘I’m the same as the other people that get pierced and tattooed – I’m of a particular mindset or way of thinking. I’m not trying to stand out – it’s actually trying to blend in…’

Or maybe I’m talking out of my arse – the pain and blood loss has gone to my head and soon I’ll start drivelling on about losing my llama and wondering why nobody wants me to do jury service…!? Anything’s possible….

I didn’t surf today. Although it’s raining so much up here it may be possible soon…


  1. Sounds loverly…the tat.

    Monsoons here, as well. (Bringing crap surf with it.)

    ps: Saw the submission at Daily Donkey….very cool!

  2. You’ve got a llama as well? – I knew you were related – but to whom [ or maybe it’s ‘what’ ?]

    Any sign of infection yet? Plenty of Dettol, that’s the ticket.

  3. So far so good. Hopefully the surf should be splendid here soon, autumn swells are normally the best…
    Just saw it too. Thanks for the nod on the donkey…

  4. the tattoo sounds great did you design it?
    & my you have surfed the net widely to discover such facts (why would any bloke want to cut his penis in half? Bet Nurse Myra would know!)

  5. Not the 80’s – I just know the best bookshops to go to (apparently the ladies love it…)

    Dad – that was nearly funny. Did you have marmite on your toast today…?

  6. a strange thing has just started to happen…

    if i do a google search on ‘papersurfer’, you are no longer the first in the list of results(used to be the case up until a few days ago).

    now it is Daddy Papersurfer. on top of that your blog is no where to be found.

    bizarre. thought i would let you know.

  7. Apparently, you’re a gentleman penfold, because when I’ve come across those same kinds of pictures, I link them on the blog.

    Or maybe you’re normal and I try too hard to shatter peoples’ opinions of us ‘nice’ Canadians?

    Makes one wonder though. When one goes to a restuarant, once can order a half-order of some salad or other offering so do you think that these men who cut their penises in half do it so that the same women who always want only a half order of salad are able to have just a half order of…

    Yeah, never mind.

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