Papersurfer the movie?

One midsummer day I was leaning into an involved conversation with an abstract artist (of moderate fame) who, for no apparent reason, said to me in an intriguing manner…

“…you should write a book…”

The conversation was slightly fuelled by a prelunch intake of cold refreshing cider in an ancient, smoke filled country pub. So I completely ignored him and continued to pursue my line of questioning about how many pounds (sterling) per square meter he earned for his ‘artwork’. The answer (ascertained after some dubious bar napkin mathematics) was quite impressive even at that early stage of his career.

This conversation was held over 20 years ago and I’ve often returned to it in my mind. Not because I have a burning desire to communicate with the universe through the medium of the written word but because a man who hardly knew me felt he could judge my ability to put pen to paper after a few moments of listening to me rant about random nothingnesses.

He was (and still is) completely mad. But he was right about one thing; I should have written a book.

And as it happens – I have…

You can buy it by clicking here.

I didn’t surf today. I was too busy reading my new book.

(Film rights are still negotiable at this point)


  1. Ooooh, I want a copy! I’ll get one by next month — will be asking a friend of a friend in the US to buy a copy on my behalf, and then he’ll hand it over to me when he comes home. I shudder to think of the shipping cost if I buy it from here. Yes, my middle name is skinflint.

  2. *sniff, sniff* They grow up so fast… just a few short months ago, i stumbled upon this young man via “big blogger” house, and now he’s a published author!

    congratulations! i shall be placing an order during my next sober interlude!

        1. Read within moments of arrival, i must congratulate you on a festive publication! And i believe i have ascertained your ultimate goal — you have successfully persuaded this 47 3/4 year old woman to abandon all hope of ever popping up on a surfboard.

          i might, as an aside, attempt to write similar tomes regarding my attempts at Scuba and skiing. Or not…

    1. Nice blog. Another generation of Papersurfers communicating through the blogosphere…

      Whatever happened to telephones? Or popping round for a nice cup of tea and an iced bun…?

          1. That last comment was directed at Tango – not that I don’t miss you John. Just that I miss her more…

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