Pay attention…

water boatman

To capture above amazing image of water-dwelling insect creating fantastic wave/interference pattern across surface tension of nearby lagoon take the following steps…

  1. invite slightly hilarious Canadian friend of Tango to stay for a night
  2. take above guest to meet loverly local friends
  3. eat dinner, drink wine, laugh a lot and conclude evening with one too many brandies (“I’m not proud of myself” says Tango)
  4. wake up feeling slightly befuddled
  5. take large macro lens, attach to big posh camera and point it at lagoon, then press big buttony thing repeatedly until above photo is accidentally taken
  6. post on internet and go ‘oooh’

Here endeth the lesson. Gnite…

I didn’t surf today. Although I did surf on Tuesday and it was good.


  1. -great shot!
    If all your hangover shots look like that your liver will be in danger. I have heard of the “butterfly effect” but now I’m trying to work out how those little legs created the wave that later engulfed small pacific islands?

    1. Thank you Fripp and welcome. Luckily for my liver my drinking days are extremely rare indeed. I’ll just need to get the hang of sober photography…

  2. The straight line tracking is really weird ….. anyway, and I realise this is very bad fatherly advice, but I suggest you drink some more, befuddled is obviously good ….. just sayin’ [don’t let your Mother read this …. OK?]

  3. Shush, DP has been angling for a new camera for some time now.
    Just refreshed the page and seen your father’s advice – it’s funny but I had been going to suggest you could possibly leave out ‘1 – 4’ and skip the liver damage. Mothers are such killjoys, aren’t they?

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