1. Penfold. Might I suggest that you find a way to keep him in that cupboard when you and Tango are ‘surfing’? I think it would be best for all of us that way. (Come to think of it, it’s best he’s in the cupboard even when you’re not surfing…)

    1. …unfortunately – he is the only one with the keys for that cupboard. I do have some nails and a big hammer though…

  2. that is a truly random photo..i mean why would you? it looks like a poster for some new talent show like ‘Strictly Come Weird Surfing’ or ‘Wave Factor’. x

  3. Uhm … ya, I can see Tango doing that. Just put an apron on her and a fry pan in the hand in the air. Yup, that’s definitely her. I’m surprised I didn’t recognize her. Clearly I was distracted by your full head of hair in the photo. Glad you atleast got her into the water. Cheers!

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