Penfold’s surfing tip’s – lesson 9

Slashing and carving…

Some surfers are real men. They put their lives on their line every day in search of the ultimate wave. Jaws, Mavericks, Teahupoo – these are the waves that take names. Heaving tons of water pushed by storm and moon to create a thundering wall that only the true hero can ride.

You are not this man…

The rest of this lesson can be found at Fuelmyblog’s very own ‘Our Blog‘ at Penfold’s surf tips lesson 9

Next time – something completely different (not sure what just yet!)

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I didn’t surf today.


  1. Just wanted to say that your 9 surfing lessons all brought a huge smile to my face. Bummer that the lessons end here. I can personally relate to each and every one of those lessons, as i am sure that every ‘surfer’ can. My surfing is right around your lessons 8 & 9. Problem is that these days I live like 9 hours away from the ocean. C’est la vie. I’ll make the most of the mountains we gots here until i get a chance to get pummeled by some more waves. Next time i’m in the forest, I’ll hug another tree for ya.

  2. Thanks Mark – I wasn’t sure if anyone apart from Paula, Kevin, Sylvie and my parents were reading them! I will be continuing the Saturday surf posts – just not sure what tack they’ll take yet! Give that tree an extra squeeze from me! (How do you get to live 9 hrs from the sea? Are you in Mongolia or something?)

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