Penfold’s surf tips – lesson 4

Lesson 4 – lesson 1 (?)

You have entered the circle of trust that only a true teacher and his students can obtain. His wise words will be the path for you to follow, the food for you to eat so you can grow and be strong. So listen and learn young grasshopper and wisdom will be yours…

The rest of these sage words are posted at fuelmyblogs ‘our blog’ so get over there now!

Next week – practice, practice, practice

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I didn’t surf today. But I did go to the beach and play ‘if I was a tiny 2″ surfer those barrels would be perfect’ (tell me you haven’t done that!!)


  1. hey shark-fin i surfed yesterday
    i was begining to think i had forgotten how,
    but hey when you get in perfectly clean swell with a slight off-shaw breeze at shoulder hieght(for me that is) wow it all becomes so very very easy(ish), normally id have the fear of said waves but not yesterday.
    almagreira rocks in the right conditions see ya soon sharky next time your down this way
    all the best db(its back to its normal scary self today so i aint goin in)
    he he i can surf an it makes me very happy

  2. Hey Dolphin Boy – good to hear!! I will join you as soon as the Grindstone is up and rolling again…
    (Good to see your spelling has improved)

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