Penfold’s surf tips – lesson 8

The Big One…

One morning you wake up and it all makes sense. The endless humiliation, beatings and ears full of water. You have a revelation, an epiphany – you are no longer a complete bungling idiot you are now a partial bungling idiot. It’s time to trade in that plastic fantastic, you don’t need a board made by a biro company – you need a custom…

The rest of this lesson can be found at FMB’s very own ‘Our Blog‘ – Penfold’s surf tips – lesson 8

Next time – slashing and carving (again)

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The photo above is 50’s/60’s surfing legend Greg Noll (aka Da Bull) sporting his infamous stripey shorts whilst eyeing up an evil looking Pipeline (he probably went in that day because he was and probably still is a grade A nutter).

I didn’t surf today. Boo.


  1. Logger NL is an anagram of Greg Noll – which means he’s a Dutch woodsman – as I suspected all along. I think I’ll run with this for a bit …

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