Plastic Fantastic…

…is the new set of icons by my big brother Tiggz

He lives in a small mossy cave in the foothills of the East Sussex mountain range where he forages for grubs and lichen. During his nocturnal awakenings he manipulates coloured pixels and data designing widgets and GUIs (graphical user interface).

These endeavours have won him a place in this years final of the GUI Championships. If you love his plastc fantastic entry as much as I do (it’s an icon package for XP and Vista) the head over to the GUI Championship website and vote.

You can download more of his designs from

Happy birthday Tiggz!

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Is it his birthday today? …… oh well.

    I’ve done a post like this for tomorrow – I hope people take the trouble to vote …… even I have …. in fact, that’s his birthday present – tee hee

  2. Happy birthday that man.
    I have just seen a classic movie called plastic fantastic by Nat Young and heartily recommend it to all surfers or anyone that likes movies with people wearing rubber suits and silly grins.
    Oh and seasonal love to you all xx

      1. Alls swell here maaaate.
        Off to The Mahia for rumours of a troppo but don`t tell anyone!
        Its boardshorts time in Piha already,which is nice.
        Feliz natal.

          1. Please Mr Woppit,it has taken the surgeons years to wipe that smirk off my face .i am rewarded though with anonymity and a somewhat sodden firkin. Keep up the good work ‘drugless’

  3. I missed this post and the deadline due to… whatever. Didn’t get a chance to vote but cannot deny the work is bloody fanplastic. Please pass on belated birthday congratulations to the old boy. I used to be able to send him such messages telepathically, but I’m afraid I am a bit telepathetic these days.

    1. He sent me some ancient photos of us all before facial hair was invented. Very lovely we all looked too. I’ll pass them on at some point.
      Or post them here… 😉

  4. Well,hello,hello!I saw these icons on your father’s blog and went to the site to vote but deadline was over…it was a bit confusing.Sometimes I am in a hurry and sometimes my english seems not to be enough and my patience, puff!! Icons are amazing!!I loved it!So,talent runs in the family!!:) I wish a wonderfull Xmas and excelent year!!

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