Please help him…

At 2 minutes past 7 this morning my mentally deranged father posted this challenge.

I’m wondering if maybe he needs to get out more or maybe he should stay in more. Definitely he needs to do something more or less than he already is.

He seems to be upset about having less votes than me on fuelmyblog. If you want to help him out then please vote for him here.

Alternatively if you want to really piss him off you could vote for me here.

Or you could go to the fuelmyblog homepage and vote for somebody entirely different (that would be the best option).

I didn’t surf today.


  1. I’m afraid I have to admit my part in this sorry production – however I think he was a virus waiting to be unleashed and nothing would have stopped him…

  2. 70’s is right [again!!!] – it’s still broken – so I’m doing my voting here.

    10034 clicks for me
    72 clicks for you
    [but as you cheated all your votes go to MEEEEEE]

    Oh grow up will you


  3. Daddy P has fuelled my interest in fuelling the blogs on FuelMyBlog. I have registered and will add blogs of my own shortly. Just a soon as I work out who I want to help/piss of by way of a vote or two!

    Mind you, I did promise my old da that I would always respect my elders…….??

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