Progress report…


…things have finally started to make sense at Quinta da Cabril. All the underground nonsense is done. All major groundwork, drainage and foundations are in so things are starting to go upwards. I’ve cut and fitted all the major roof beams so the main shape of the house is now apparent – and it’s going to look loverly.

I’d sit down and have a nice cup of tea if I hadn’t lost my kettle somewhere in all the rubble…

I’ve posted a few more pics at flickr

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Did someone say joint?
    Actually the only ones that concern me these days are the achy anatomical variety.
    Anyway all booked so we can have a nice cup of tea in Ceylon soon,cheerio.
    PS Nice pics

  2. it’s so nice! full of meanings… somehow.
    abstract! that is what it is, and i like this kind of picture. more than one meaning to explain… wow!!! i loiiikeee!!!

    *excited twirl*

  3. let me know when you need the painting done and I’ll pop over with my brushes….I’ll bring my own tea x

  4. Youngest son said the pic looks like a mummy snake telling off a baby snake. Says a lot for my parenting skills (lol) ! Although we had just had a discussion about how its wrong to put a whole toilet roll in your brother’s bath.
    Where are all these clean shaven builder types then – i could do with some construction eye candy.
    70’s – i am with you on the aching and dovetails xx

  5. UDH ‘construction eye candy’ now that is such a great expression …. now added to my vocab!! 🙂
    There is so much construction work going on in Manchester I could make it a lunch time challenge to spot CeC lol

  6. Actually you’re right UDH – they’re all scruffy gits who need to spend more time working on personal hygiene issues. I shall be reissuing company rules soon… x

    Nothing is too much trouble for you Ma. x

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