Pumpkin pie…

Papersurfer Junior loves Halloween so tonight as a special treat after school we will carve pumkins, roast pumpkin seeds and then dress up in gruesome costumes and go scare the living shite out of the neighbours.

Then (if he’s been a good little boy) he can stay up late and watch a movie or two. I’m thinking ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘The Shining’ then maybe ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ just to help get him off to sleep…

I didn’t surf today – too busy sharpening my carving knives…


  1. I hope you post pics of the pumpkin carving and carvers.

    Watching the first Nightmare on Elm Street scarred me for life, even though Johnny Depp was in it. It’s one of the main reasons I won’t watch horror movies again.

    But Papersurfer Junior is most probably made of sterner stuff.

    1. To be honest – he won’t even watch a Harry Potter film. Which surely has to be a good thing in todays horror-numb society.
      Mutter grumble mutter mutter snort etc…

  2. Odd though it is, finding myself agreeing with DP, Halloween is a pile of ???? I never really appreciated how much until I went to an all-day Halloween event at a German golf club a couple of weeks ago. I felt my life force ebbing away….

    1. Thank you gorgeous – I am 2. Well, not me, Papersurfer. Yay. (I probably should have posted but I’ve been too busy building Indo boards and eating ice cream xxx)

  3. Oi,thats enough about halloween .Just don’t get me started about fireworks,i mean i love them but.. please if you are going to get some ,get a handful of proper wooompy ones not the hours of insipidly fizzing phutty ones that is all us kiwis are allowed by our nannyinanightie state government.
    Sorry, its election week here too you know.
    Peace and chips man x

  4. harry potter is quite scary… we watched with cushions…and eldest upsidedowney had to be removed sobbing from the cinema in finding nemo…watching barracuda move in on nemo’s mum in the first 10 minutes sort of set the mood at the wrong angle for some reason!!!! hope he had halloween fun…got any pics for flikr? x

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