Reasons to be single – part 2.


Part 1 is buried so far in my archives that I may have to reiterate –

Part 1 simply comprised of the simple act of not having to make 2 cups of tea in the morning – thereby shaving valuable seconds from your daily morning routine.

Part 2 is obviously not having to have annoying sex on a regular basis. The feeling of well-being and gratification that follows could very well lure you into a false sense of security that everything is alright with the universe. This could obviously then lead to being overtly nice to strangers and passers by during a post-coital meander in public areas spreading a euphoric feeling of love and understanding in tiny ripples across the globe.

Where do you think it’ll all end? Universal happiness and a perfect pan-galaxian moment of purity and enlightenment? Get a grip…

Anyway – I’ve only got one tea bag left.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Wait, wait, wait.

    Sex is annoying? Since when?

    And everything is perfect with the universe…at the right moment. Not that anyone could tell what else is going on in other parts of the universe…at that moment. 😉

  2. Penfold old chap, I must agree. One must keep ones feet firmly on the ground when it comes to such matters. And when one commits the ‘Sin Of Onan’, one must do so with grim vigour and a sense of bitterness. Sometimes, for rhythm, I beat myself on the back with a branch.

  3. Oh I don’t know Lizza – I think it may not be annoying but it’s been so long I might have it confused with doing the washing up or having to clean the ashtray in my car when I don’t even smoke…

    It’s okay – panic over – I found a box of PG Tips on top of the fridge. So that means I’m ready for a two cup emergency brew….

    Woppity old beaner – I have to say that you are the rock to which I cling in the stormy night of my existence… thankyou for being there.

  4. hi there…!! 😉

    a good reason to keep in the mind, solemnly.
    being single is not so bad, after all! i am!!

    the things with the tea bag with the fact of saving a tea bag a day, hmm… not bad, i must say.

    i have more tea bags, penfold! you want some? 😉

    take care and good nite! *kisses*

  5. well put… the rose colored post-coital glasses falsely color that gritty realism that makes us so refreshingly rugged.

    that, or the fact that i don’t shave when i’m not gettin’ any…

    fortunately my dog, er, i mean “canine life partner” doesn’t complain. much.

  6. Tweeny – I’ll put the kettle on…

    Thanks Baby. I’ll let you know when I run out.

    Laura… ah the rugged look. Very fetching in certain lights. You know how to get a mans tea brewing…

  7. Well Nursie – quite happy to oblige as long as it doesn’t involve Mr Woppit in any way – I used to live with the old coot and I’ve seen enough of his white spotty arse (no offence) to last me a lifetime…

    I’ll start looking at flights – fancy meeting halfway?

  8. If you don’t take your tea too strong, you could share that tea bag… or is that too weird?!

    And by the way, not being single, for me, did not imply regular sex… I guess I wasn’t “lucky” that way… 😉

  9. hi… 😉

    i guess sex is one thing. but come to think out of it, not necessarily, having a relationship would imply the ‘annoying-regular-sex-life-basis’. sometimes, people in a relationship do have ‘outrageous-yet-fun-regular-sex-life-basis’… dont you think so?

    my opinion, everything has its ups and downs… both ways. win-win situation. just as how you look at it, actually potray how well will it goes… i think! 🙂

    take care, nites and kisses! *wink & twirl happily*

  10. God penfold… you’re a bad tempered git like sooty….sex is in no way annoying….ask the girl to bring her own tea bag…

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