Red sky at night…

view from cha

…the shepherd’s in the bar drinking a large vinho tinto and talking about his goats. Again.

Which I’m sure he’s delighted about.

Sure was purdy though. The sunset view was from my old balcony in Cha. More at Flickr.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. red sky in the morning …sailors warning…better not have blood shot eyes in the morn penfold……I too am enjoying the joys of a bloody good red chin chin…

  2. ‘Red sky at night shepherd’s delight’ .. so a whole new meaning even if the sky ain’t bright then the Vino Tinto is as ever bright for the shepherd.
    Vino blanco pour moi (sorry haven’t mastered Surfgalese yet)… the sky is white and bright 70s delight 🙂

  3. hi… 😉

    i was supposed to be tucked under the duvet now, but i saw this new post, and i am so delighted. yayyy!!

    hmm, red all over the pity-baby-blue-sky…? as ive known, scenery is art, and art is abstract. so, my opinion to this one, is one word description…”scary”

    maybe its not to anyone, but to me, if i was alone in a deserted place, and this scenario occured, i will be definitely sobbing in cautious. really… 🙁 *look around & jumping on the bed, sleeping*

    *whoopsie, nitey nites all*

  4. I can see a …no its okay i’m not going to start that again. Its a lovely photo and a really chilled view to start the day with. Better than the one out of my window thats for sure. Thank you. x

  5. BT – I was a tad bleary this morning but no more than usual when I get up and it’s still dark.

    Tweeny – I’m thinking that technically a shepherd isn’t one if he only has goats. Not that he gives a toss if he’s had enough wine…

    Baby – I worry for your safety sometimes. Careful with all that twirling and jumping around – especially unsupervised.

    You’re welcome Ms UDH. I aim to placate…

    Nursie you know you’re always welcome here and it would be loverly to share a sunset with you, x

    Sophie – well now that would be strangely coincidental for I was tucking into a scarily large slab of bitoque de vaca in the Grelha in Poiares last night. You should have thrown something at us and said hi! Next time…

  6. No probs Sophie (I’ll wear some protective headgear of some sort!)

    Hey Twinny – oh you found that one did you? Of course if he knew me he’d realise that I’m not married and I don’t drink beer. Glad it tickled somebody… x

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