Remember these?


I still want one 30 years down the line. At the time a Grifter or a Tomahawk would have done, but that’s faded away…

My parents very selfishly didn’t spend their meagre wages on pointless frivolities like stupidly stylish impractical modes of transport for their children. Oh no, they were too busy buying food, paying bills and putting a roof over our heads. I would gladly have slept in a large cardboard box eating small cardboard boxes if I could have had a Raleigh Chopper…

Note the sleek lines, the custom bars and gonad removing gear changer. Fantastic.

I didn’t surf today. BIG BLOGGER – PENFOLD – VOTE NOW – GO ON – JUST DO IT…


  1. But, it’s pink. Nothing wrong with a manly boy riding a pink bike, mind you. It’s just so gosh darn cute.

    DaddyP said he spent all his money on his children. You mean to say he didn’t buy you or Tiggz a pink bike when you were kids?

  2. hey thats the special edition chopper with 5 speed derailiers, i hope you realize that these were originally sold with drop handlebars (yep really uncontrollable and face smashingly dangerous)i know my friend had one and i used to race him on my sisters 3 speed normal chopper till i crashed it so hard it wouldn’t work again. Oh and hey i still havent had a surf since you were down last and yes im getting really bored of not surfing!!!!!

  3. You have no idea how bad this makes me feel – luckily neither do I. And, as you know, I’ve never done a stroke of work in my life and certainly not for wages. Who’s db by the way, apart from a total anorak?

  4. Well, papersurfer, like your own parents, mine seemed to be all wrapped up in organising our lives to recognise the importance of squandering a whole week’s wages on something so impractical!

    I used to get to borrow a friend’s occasionally, however!

  5. Yes but if you did wheelies on them, they’d ride up and you would split your head. Like what happened to me when I tried Clive’s. He was a tube.

  6. I wish my parents had been too poor to buy me a Chopper rather than refusing on the grounds that it was far too dangerous; I feel such a wimp!

  7. BB – at least yournads survived the gear changer.
    Hey Crofty – either poor or mean (depending on who’s telling the story)…

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