Saltwater Buddha

I don’t read many books these days  – I spend such a large proportion of my spare time glued to a computer monitor that books just don’t seem to fit into my days any more.

Jaimal Yogis very kindly sent me a copy of ‘Saltwater Buddha’ to peruse and to be honest, it’s been sitting in my intray for months. I tend to ingest books rather quickly and if I don’t get to finish it all in one sitting they’ll lie dormant until they start to get woodworms moving in.

I opened up Saltwater Buddha this morning and finished it after lunch. It was good (both the midday food intake and the literary supplement).

It is Jaimal’s own story – the journey of a boy trying to find a balance between the two loves of his life – Buddha and surfing. Flitting from California to Hawaii, New York and around the world in search of the perfect wave, the perfect love and the perfect state of being. Along the way he encounters drunken Aussies, the Surf Nazis of Santa Cruz and finds a surprise guru to challenge his perceptions.

I enjoyed reading Saltwater Buddha. Both amusing and touching, it makes you consider your personal motives for surfing and your approach to other people in the water. We could all do with a bit of Buddha in our lives – especially in the water…

You can buy it here –


      1. Yup. The Beano, Dandy, Noddy, Rupert Bear and half a Moomintroll (there were some long words in there!) – more than enough for any man’s library.

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