Serious Sunday…


…taking a page from my father’s book (mostly so that he doesn’t get a chance to scribble any more festering drivel) I shall be taking a more spiritual path today…

I feel that it’s time to expose my innermost core to my brethren out there in the blogiverse. A chance to expand and enlighten – to come together as one heavenly soul – sharing and combining our sacred selves to become one multifaceted being. Together we can unite – hold virtual hands creating a circle of trust that can toss aside the facile deities of the 21st century – we don’t need dual core precessors or plasma widescreens, we can live without our ipods, Big Macs and Nike training shoes. To discover everlasting harmony and global peace we just need to come together and join in this one simple act…

Ooh back in a mo – ‘Celebrity dancing on ice’ is about to start…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. whoa – thanks for the tweak! almost missed it! i was switching between “project runway” and “jackass, the movie” (which in my opinion would make a great combined telivision program…)

  2. Fruity cocktails is always a good plan Ms Bravo – I’ll have a plastic pink flamingo in mine. Just to enhance my masculine demeanour…

    Ms Trailer – glad I could help with your audio-televisual scheduling issues. As much as I love Jackass it’s always a relief to turn it off!

  3. As I don’t have a plasma screen (just don’t do T.V.) nor do I own an ipod.. and I have no idea what a duel core processor is?? Wear K-Swiss. Rocket Dog or Red or Dead not Nike but have to confess how did we live before McD’s the ultimate hangover cure (cheeseburger & fries although the dilemma is always that there is not one near so have to drive there … yes I know!!)

    Just realised that you have confirmed your parentage again!!!

  4. Careful with those flamingos or we’ll all end up girl drink drunk. (Oh stop, surely old episodes of Kids in the Hall is better than ice-dancing anything??)

  5. ‘Girl drink drunk’ is very fun and very good for a huge dose of brain weevils in the morning! I tend to opt for the ‘BK’ rather than the ‘McD’ cure myself…

    I have decided in my infinite wisdom that ‘Dancing on ice’ is a load of old poop and has fallen into the low priority viewing position (if there’s bugger all else on I’ll sit through it).

    No I am not gay – although this has been the subject of many a discussion in my absence as being ‘manly’ is not very high on my agenda (that and the ‘mincing’) as I don’t do football, drink lager or lear at women from scaffolding…

  6. you do leer at women,much to my relief at times.
    and you most definatly not gay,but you do resemble liberacie at times like when you walk or the way you hold your babycham.

  7. Doesn`t drink ????
    I can still remember the apparition that loomed at me thru my tranny window the last time i saw you !
    And now that tranny is yours ,i hope it performs well on these cold mornings.
    Laters PS it is just a little warm here

  8. i remember leering….and i miss it. I remember babysham too….and i dont miss that. And i have completely missed Dancing on Ice – was it good? I spend too much time skating on thin ice to watch a program about people who can gayly dance on the the stuff without a care in the world.
    nite nite hot stuff xx

  9. ‘Girl drink drunk’??? but have to admit BK’s fries are far superior but not as accessible as McDs

    Dancing on Ice?? strange programme but my lot are taunting me relentlessly as I once (and only once said) I said I thought Tim Vincent was cute. I have heard that he performed like a model in a catalogue in the competition… stood there whilst his partner skated around him and he did cheesy ‘catalogue’ poses……..

  10. forget ice dancing…have you tuned into “Wallpaper” and “Echo Beach” yet….1 hour of pure silly bliss …..set in cornwall and full of surfing and high jinks…..

  11. made an agreement with my ex-husband that we would never have anything to do with activities that ended with “…on ice”. but we did giggle ourselves silly when a traveling show came to the local arena – “Walt Disney On Ice”. Kinda made us want to go to see if they would take our money, then push the old frozen dude onto the rink, turn out the lights, and send everyone home…

  12. Huge – apparition? Tranny? Who are you? What are you doing here…? I’ve never seen you before…
    (Booking my flights today – very excited! Elephants, perfect surf and dusky maidens – woo hoo!)

    Hey UDH – you didn’t miss anything that will greatly alter the balance of the cosmos but then they say a butterflies wing can create a storm so God knows what damage a bunch of rubbish skaters could do…. xxx

  13. Tweeny – don’t listen to them – Timmy is cute. Well that’s what DP says anyway…

    BT – not yet but I shall try it on your recommendation and then chastise you severely if it is rubbish! x

    Miss Daisy – I worked at Disneyland in Paris for a while (construction not as a character) and used to lunch with the likes of Mickey and Pluto – very pleasant characters. Didn’t know they could all skate too…

  14. oh penfold… is severely ‘rubbish’ but it’s sooo rubbish you just gotta laugh…..enjoy with a refreshing cider and a smirk…..the shots of surf are good….cos it’s real people and not actors….;-)(well I don’t know much about surfing but the dude in the green suit looks cool)

  15. p.s. you have to watch both programs as they are interlinked….just in case you weren’t aware of that fact……!!!

  16. UDH – you can tap away. I am all over it like a cheap suit from Burton’s… xxx

    BT – thanks – you can be my TV scheduling guide from Britside. I shall try it if I can stay awake that late.

    Dad – no.

  17. Ah penfold…..Being your TV scheduling guide would involve a lot of bodice/corset ripping drama…the occasional gruesome ‘who dunnit’ and some fine black comedy…buts thats only if I can find the TV as the last time I saw it I think I left it in a cupboard somewhere………

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