Don’t tell anybody – but it’s 6-7ft with a light offshore wind at Lagide towards the end of the week.

I don’t often surf the reef at Lagide although it’s a fantastic wave – one of the best lefts in Europe when it’s turned on – but there’s a small issue of localism there.
Not the ‘get off my wave – get back in your VW and drive home (if your van starts) you foreign git’ type localism, I’ve been surfing round there long enough to get my place in the line up but the ‘feck me – these guys can surf way better than me’ type.
When the take off point is 10ft square and there are 20 people sitting on it things get a bit cosy and the pecking order soons becomes apparent. So, when it’s really cranking (and it’s too big for me anyway) I like to sit on the cliffs and watch the guys rip that wave to shreds.
But in a few days – swell not too big – a weekday – off peak season – we could be lucky and find a wave or two…

So AD and myself have been winding each other up all day about how good it’s going to be in a few days. I am well keen on getting down there and lobbing myself in the sea – I believe the technical term is ‘amped’.

My apologies in advance to the owners of the Grindstone (I think you’ll find if you read the smallprint on the contract that there is a subclause regarding minor schedule adjustments due to excessively good surf reports) but normal service will be resumed as soon as we work out what that means…

I didn’t surf today. I didn’t surf today. I didn’t surf today.


  1. Lizza alerted me to your rejection by the WBC.

    If it’s any consolation at all you and I were having one helluva time in my dreams last night 🙂

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