Six hours in Santurzi…

efectos and the real thing

…not much to do in Santurzi on a Monday morning when your boat is late. Maybe have a coffee or listen to big swarthy men hitting big bits of metal with big manly hammers in the shipyard. Wander around for a bit. Sit over there for a bit. Wander over there and sit down again. Take some photos of stuff.

Next thing you know there’s only five and a half hours to go…

I didn’t surf today. Or Monday.


        1. I’m having a Starbucks moment – Ms Tango seems to be saying you induce boredom, wallow in boredom or have practised boredom until proficient?

  1. cant fault u,nothing 2 talk about,up the hills down the hills,look in the clossed shopps try 2 find somthing 2 do?need 2 open english breakfast?bar will make a mint,why do the ferrys arrive when most shops are shut? i went feb 09 arrival rough/leaving gale force 8,2,11 storm force.ship diverted 2 avoid storm close 2 france coast,extra night on ship 2 get home rough but ok.staff on ship great;staff in port/??not 2 clever,but will go again, nice ship pride of bilbao.

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