Sk8r Boyz…

da sk8er boyz

…look out Portugal – cos there’s a new breed of rail-grinding, kick-flippin’, oh so stylin’ it crew hitting your concrete.

This is the new school coming through and they’re taking names. Okay so there’s a couple of old duffers in there too who should be tucked up in a rocking chair reading Saga magazine and sipping on some Ovaltine but we’re refusing to go down easy.

So let the new roll with the classic (more here) and may my arse not hurt quite so much in the morning…

I didn’t surf today. Quite frankly I wish I had (it hurts less).


  1. Don’t worry Dad – I’ll look after AD. He’s quite brittle these days…

    Teeny – I saw a great documentary about OAP’s still surfing and skating in Hawaii. Inspiration for DP – if he could concentrate long enough to watch a whole TV show.

    Ms Fae – it’s very important that the youth of today has a controlled environment to hurtitself in.

    Hey Twinny – he’s been on a boogie board. I’m hoping this year will be the inaugural drubbing…

  2. There is some startling, no strike that ~ alarming photographic evidence around to suggest DP may actually already be trying lol (it’s in the fanzine)

  3. one argument i brought before city council when seeking funds: “look at these kids! do you want to see them as hood ornaments?”

    lots of ‘ramp rash’, and a few broken bones, but no death and dismemberment (so far…)

  4. hi! i used to play skateboard when i was a little girl. little girl means 15-18. 🙂 i can do so many things, like ollie and kickflip. my dad was really angry as i am the only girl in the group. but my mom was supporting me throughout.

    what made me stop? coz i broke my ankle bone while i was trying a bit higher ollie, and i stopped playing since. i cant barely walk for about nearly two months!!!!

    uhuhh, i had a deck (and still has it, under my bed in my home), called GIRL. 🙂

  5. Ms Daisy – I know a few kids who already look like hood ornaments…

    Baby – you should definitely dust off your board but be careful with all that twirling ans skating at the same time – could be hazardous…

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