skate death (it's not easy)

…or die.

It’s not easy being a sk8r you know.

I didn’t surf today. I did skate very badly though – concrete just seems so hard these days…

PS – no children were seriously mamed in the production of this post.


  1. Him fell into the chalk line, did him? For Pete’s sake, who learned you? Tut.

    Concrete IS hard. Don’t break him; the price of plaster these days……….

    1. Yes him did. I shouldn’t start getting all grammatical round here – you’ll be barking up a sailed piece of moss…

    1. Ink? (yikes) well I suppose it would seem inevitable but I have a feeling there won’t be an earring or tattoo in sight…

    1. I’m going to nod politely and agree. (I don’t know what that means so if it’s really obvious tell me in brackets so nobody thinks I’m stupid)

      1. (kids tend to bounce but if they break it is usually a green stick fracture.. a bendy fracture…. its ok ’tis not you who is stoopid but I, as has been pointed out to me many times lol)

        nodding politely and agreeing is obviously something TG taught you;-)

  2. eldest mini-upsidedowney says – ‘wicked – dylans dad is so cooooool !!!’ i have tried to put him straight. x

    1. Quite right – I think these children should spend more time indoors reading Thesauruses (Thesauri?) and eating sprouts x

    1. It’s good to hear that somebody out there is on the cutting edge of radical sports.
      But it’ll just get ‘popular’ then everybody will be doing it – ‘conker camps’ springing up all over the place – then it’ll just be next years roller-blading…

          1. Oh, hello. There you are.

            It’s abso-bloody-lutely piddling down here, again, and I think it’s minus 100 deg… at least. Not that I’m bothered, just SAD SAD SAD.

    1. I agree. If the V-man could come over here and tell the D-man in person that would help and then the ‘Dad-man’ wouldn’t sound like a broken record…

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