Sleep well children…


The loverly Surftwin said ‘I keep expecting that doll to open it’s eyes…’

Muwhah hah hah hah (in spooky deep voice).

Hope you all sleep well…

I didn’t surf today. But I did some plumbing. I bleedin’ hate plumbing but not as much as I hate having plumbers on my building site hence me (a non plumber who can plumb – it’s not rocket science you know) plumbing and not the plumbers plumbing (plumbers who can’t plumb – apparently it is rocket science).


  1. Crikey it’s turned Nance into a sheep monster.
    Dad, your plumbing is always entertaining – I can’t wait.
    PQ – but did you plumb…?
    …and it’s turned mum into a Dorset farmhand…!

  2. All seems to be in order Nursie but a regular system evaluation is always wise to eleviate any pressure build up. I’ll put my boiler suit on…

  3. I am so late to the comments thread… but EEEEEEEE! that’s a great image. 🙂

    I once installed a new bath and shower. You’re right, it isn’t rocket science, but it sure isn’t fun either. Hope yours is going well!

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