Snogging all over the world…


…not content with bold and fearless *PDAs across continental Europe the fabulous blogging duo Penfold and Tango have decided to wrangle the Tamil Tigers and canoodle their way across Ceylon. Armed only with a small china teacup and a slightly dented blue surfboard they plan to loaf, lounge and lay about in various hammocks across the southern reaches of the Sri Lankan coast brazenly touching lips in the world-wide symbol of smitten-ness known as ‘the snog’.

Although this may be seen as others as an open act of smushiness and a declaration of intent to ‘get busy’ – quite frankly we don’t care…

I didn’t surf today. Back to plumbing again…. hurumph….

*Public display of affection


  1. But fear not, even the Sri Lankan snogfest won’t keep one half of the duo from surfing like a god … ah, fruity cocktails, tasty waves and smushy hammocks … sounds a bit like paradise, don’t it? x

  2. No sign of my button Ma. If anyone sees a small plastic silver button from the top of lavatory cistern could they let me know…? Ta very much.

    It do Tango x (Grrr)

  3. and I’d like you to pick me up a corset. designer underwear is cheaper in colombo than any other city in the world!

    if you don’t trust yourself to choose a corset, then a pair of stockings would be nice. I’m sure Tango could select something I’d like

  4. Please don’t tell me that you will be drinking ‘Builders’ tea over there penfold…..educate him tango to the joys of beautiful tea drinking…. x

  5. Can you keep the Daddy P at home for just a bit. all this world surfing is making me ditzy, I mean dizzy of course… Just an offer of advice OR a plea for help….
    hang ten dude…
    Thats all the surfer lingo I know, I surf channels not waves LOL
    Sugar Queen-The Sweet[s] Goddess

  6. Ms Queen – I’d love to say that Daddy P is controllable in some way but sadly he is not and never will be. So look out world…

    Hey BB – it is hard *cof* – nice of you to notice…

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