Some gulls…

Some gulls...

…there are more gulls here.

If you don’t like gulls stay away as the following scenes may disturb you…

I will be surfing today.


  1. hi there… why seagulls? i dont like them.

    got bad experience with them. got attacked by them while feeding pigeons and ducks in the park. no seagulls for me. nope! 🙁

  2. mmmm..random. I prefer More gulls, although it does look a little bit like the cover for a country and western love songs album. Ha ha, and you cant hit me cos i am too far away! xx

  3. Well Baby if you send me a list of all the things you don’t like and I’ll try really hard not to completely ignore it and post about those things…

    Ms Topsyturvybrain – I too prefer ‘more gulls’ for exactly that reason and hitting you would be the last thing on my mind (maybe a little bit of spanking)… x

  4. I think I have spotted the little devil that stole my sandwich whilst on the ferry across the Mersey a few years ago …. (it’s a bit like were’s Wally for gulls… )

  5. Hey Tweeny if you point out the pesky culprit I’ll nip down there and demand your sarny back or at least reasonable compensation to the value of. These shitehawks always crack under the threat of letigious action…

    Ms Insideouteyhead you must email your latest croonings… x

  6. Okay, got a session tonight so as long as it doesnt sound like seagulls mating i’ll test it on your salt filled ears. Hope you made it to the waves. x

  7. Twindling – if you were a real man you’d be out there surfing! Luckily you’re not or I’d have to reconsider my definition of surfer babe…

    Dad – I’m very passionate about you and your mild interest in seagulls. On second thoughts – no. I don’t care. Sorry. Get over it and move on.

    Ms UDH – just got back from a very pleasant sunset surf at a spot called ‘Secrets’ so don’t tell anyone. Only 5 of us out and plenty of waves for everybody. Hmmmm x
    (I shall be awaiting your recording)

  8. hi. haha… thanks, but its okay! i wont mind, at least it is just pictures. not the real one. but… if the real one, i think i will definitely list out things i dont like. 🙂

    it is just horrible when ‘they’ barge in the scene and swooshed away the ducks and pigeons, and some of them even hit me in a way. after that moment, i couldnt even get near to an seagulls at all! really… 🙁

    anyway, good nite! *kisses*

  9. …er… seagulls mating…but seeing as you are into them i’ll send it anyway. You can give it to baby to scare the critters away!! Glad you got wet. x

  10. Ok Tweeny – I’m on the case. Little bastard – I’ll get ‘im…

    Not sure Baby need any help being scary but I’m sure she’ll appreciate the offer… x

  11. hahaha… i dont want to be scary, i want them (the seagulls), to like me. 😉

    well, thanks for the help anyway… penfold, you are right. i appreciate that! thanks for the suggestion, upsidedowneyhead.

    *kisses to all*

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