Some like it hot…


It’s tricky building a roof here. For months on end it seems like it’s time to brush up on ark design and start slinging pairs of woodland creatures into crates or it’s hot enough to do a round of easy over on rye on the bonnet of my car. My horrifically annoying alarm has been wrenching me from my bed at progressively earlier times in an attempt to get a lid on the grindstone before my tiny head gets microwaved by that big yellow thing in the sky. This normally occurs at around 10.30am when I can’t drink enough to keep up with the sweating and my eyeballs go dry.

5.45am my day began today. Even the tweety birds were turning over and grumbling for me to shut up.  The sun was kept at bay for a while by some stubborn mist hanging on to the hills until it shouldered it’s way through to come into heavy contact with my already fried brain.

Still, the timber is all pitched. The boarding pinned down and the insulation laid. Just a few tiles to throw around and a dollop of cement here and there and Bob’s your Aunties live in lover – sorted.

Also I only have minor sunstroke and partial burning. Bonus.

The poster has nothing to do with roofs or heat or early mornings. But I like it.

I didn’t surf today.

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  1. Dad – please don’t sweat on my account. Please. Ever.
    Nmm – yes, yes and yes. Twice. Or was that thrice?
    PQ – you are an angel. Thanks….

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