Somethings been bugging me…


…how exactly do flies ‘land’ on ceilings?

Do they buzz in a parallel path then barrel roll and swiftly deploy their jam-covered suckery feet?

Or… do they come in at a slight angle upwards outstretch feet #1 and #2 (full sucker power at ready), attach both then swing their shiny black arse skyward….?

Or… do they do a combo rollover/front foot sucker/swing round manoeuvre…?

Or do they simply fly upside down and land?

I didn’t surf today and people ask me why I don’t sleep at night…


  1. they land with front feet first and flip over,i saw it on tv one time i think it was fred dinage on how?

  2. you’ve got it all wrong – the fly remains level. it is the kitchen that rotates. at least when there are mushrooms in the kitchen… i think i need more colors. do you know where i might have put them?

  3. DP – if you worked harder you’d sleep better (or at all…)

    Thank you AD – good old Fred a veritable font of random, useless and priceless information…

    Ms Fae – that sounds much more feesible to me. Colours? Hmm… I have some spare in my mind. I think…

    Mr Somnambulist – the fly isn’t the issue it’s whether the integration of first and third party software into collaborative online experiences can really be described as web 3.0 or just an extension of 2.0 …

    My apologies Nursie. He’s a mean looking bugger ain’t he…?

  4. But more importantly … how long would said fly take to fly from one side of the planet to the other (with luggage)? Or would he just apply the same technique and attach himself to a Boeing 747? xxx

  5. Flies never land on ceilings, it’s a myth.
    They are like gliders, they drop from the ceiling and then glide around until they reach the floor, they then walk up the wall and onto the ceiling to take off again.
    They make the buzzing noise with their mouths, and only when humans are present, to perpetuate the myth.

  6. Well Ms Bravo – a mere blink of the eye would be nice (depending on luggage volume – those cats can be a devil to haul around) xxx

    Welcome Mr Dingle – I believe you are confusing flies with estate agents. Can’t wait for the ‘fairies’ post…

  7. It’s different for estate agents, under a new EU ruling they no longer have to obey the laws of physics and are free to levitate and change colour at will.

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