…when I’m not surfing waves, building houses, duffing my poor innocent child, being rude to my hapless oaf of a father or blogging about the blogiverse I do musical type stuff like this…

go here and then click on play

I would put a snazzy media player button on this page but stupid wordpress won’t let me for some reason… gits.

I surfed today but I’m back home now doing real life stuff…


  1. a nice tune, indeed! 🙂

    but, al momento! *wondering look*

    how come… on person, can actually play a guitar, and a harmonica? is it possible? *still wondering*

    whatever it is, bravo! molto bene! indeed!!

    *kisses and good nite to everyone*

  2. Twinny – I could tell him for you if you like…

    Thanks again Tweeny – not sure when I’ll do another…?

    Woppit – the next one will have vocals on it just for you.

    Baby – I record the guitar first and then record the harp over the top. Cunning like that me…

  3. humpf….’not sure when I’ll do another…? ‘

    ‘As for more – if you want it you’ll have to come and get it…’

    Just as well I am an adult lol 🙂

  4. Hey Diva Cheeks – i am not an adult and am sulking with full on stampy feet and everything. If a frown line appears you need to be very afraid. xxx

  5. DP – I always thought you and Mr Woppit would make a loverly couple (are you sure you’re a lesbian?) and I apologise profusely to Queeny for the lack of subtitles on that last track!

    Sorry to make you go ‘humpf’ there Tweeny but it was traumatic enough recording that one which would be the reason that doing a second may be hard (and who are you calling Diva Cheeks Ms UDH – me, DP or Tweeny?)…

  6. ahhhh..just read through other entries. Understand. sorry for misunderstanding Tweeny. I am a bit new all this…shall i get my blog coat…? xx

  7. Hey no worries UDH … 🙂
    I was just laughing to myself when an old dear like me asks for more I get ‘’not sure when I’ll do another’ & when a young chicklet like you asks she gets ‘As for more – if you want it you’ll have to come and get it…’ hee hee have a great day

  8. hey i get to sing my larynx off tonight and some kind person called me a young chicklet – days dont get greater than that – thanks. You too Tweeny. xx

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