Stranger than fiction…


…it’s been a strange week – I’ve eaten a Francesinha in a cobbled side street in Lisbon, I’ve drank Irish cider and listened to lilting Gaelic strings in the bustling bars of Dublin and I’ve walked beneath the rugged red cliffs of the Algarve next to the sparkling blue water of the Atlantic. Now I’m back home in the Serra de Lousa surrounded by trees and hills and rivers.

I’ve also kissed a Canadian in all of those places. I’m going to kiss her again later – if she lets me and I think she will…

I didn’t surf today. Not that I care …


  1. You could have knocked me down with a feather when I read this. I used to know the word for a feather in Portuguese but because I’ve just been knocked down by a feather my brain is not as sharp and incisive as it was…….. I’m going to have a little lie down now.

  2. Oh Penfold…I love a happy story it brought tears to my eyes……you are very lucky people and I hope the kissing goes on and on and on and on……..:-D x x

  3. yeh and in between kissing strange Canadian women and touring the sites of europe do you think youll get a chance to put a roof on some toilets down at your favorite surfing local.
    Cheers from an absent stranger

  4. You should lie down Pa. All that hard work you do every day – you must be very tired.

    Ma – those people that were in your apartment. That was us – in case you hadn’t noticed…

    Thanks BT – nice to see you back. Me too btw… x

    DB – how is the swanning around the other side of the planet surfing and lounging going..? (All gone a bit mentally busy here – will do what I can)

    Miss UDH – grrrr xxx

  5. Would that be a glass of Magness or possibly Guinners? I’ll be celebrating St.Patrick’s Day next weekend and frankly, it it’s liquid, and it’s in a glass, I’ll be drinking it. Good luck with the snogging btw


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