Strictly by candle light…

A million years ago when I had hair and Ronald Reagan was having a career change we used to sit around an open fire, playing instruments, singing songs. We drank, we smoked, we fell over in the mud. Portugal was a natural place to be – we had no mains electricity or water. No mobile phones, laptops or televisions.

And we didn’t miss any of it.

Yesterday the power went out during a storm, stayed out all day and well into the night. It stayed out long enough to warrant forraging for candles and long enough to miss my fave TV shows. I stomped around for a bit, attempted to mend a generator in the dark (managing to cut my finger and get petrol in the cut) and finally slumped into a candlelit sofa with a guitar.

I had a nice evening. It reminded me of days gone by and gave me a chance to reflect on the things we take for granted.

When the power came on at around ten I slipped into bed having filled my mind with pure and natural thoughts about the way the world was, the way it should be and the way it could be again. I did quickly check my emails and watched the X Factor final first….

I didn’t surf today. One day I will….


    1. Well that was indeed the embrionic stages of the process – perfected with great aplomb in later years. Happily a forgotten art these days…

  1. hey there!

    only im really confused – are penfold/papersufer/daddy papersurfer all one person? is this like a classic case of MPD or has daft me gotten very dense today?

    would really like to have this clarified

    thanks :))

    1. Well – Penfold is me (not my real name but we’ll forget that for now to keep this as simple as possible). Papersurfer is my blog. Sometimes I am known as ‘Papersurfer’, ‘the Papersurfer’ or ‘Penfold the Papersurfer’ or ‘the Papersurfer who is Penfold’. Daddypapersurfer is the father of Papersurfer. He is also the father of Penfold as Penfold is Papersurfer and vice versa. Daddypapersurfer is also known as the Old Git – this has nothing to do with Penfold or Papersurfer but solely to do with his Oldness and Git like qualities.
      To summarise: please don’t confuse me with my father – although I am very fond of him in several ways but he is an Old Git. Thankyou.

        1. Welcome Damien. I recommend you reimmerse yourself in the activity as soon as geographically possible. I fully intend to do the same…

  2. My family’s cabin they built was in a remote area, where the only communication they had with neighbors were Citizen Band radios (CB). My aunt who lived a quarter mile ‘up the hill’ from them didn’t have running water either.

    This entry haunts me with it’s romance. Sheesh.

    1. Ahh – I remember the days before cell phones. CB, pigeon carriers and smoke signals were all we had in those days…

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