Sunburnt and surfed out

It could be said that ‘sunburnt and surfed out’ is the perfect state of being. In an ideal world that would mean you’ve spent half the day getting rockrush over a Bali reef, hooking into headhigh screamers and the only shade you could find is a coral blue crystal curtain feathering over your sunkissed brow…

Or it could mean that you have the physique of a six year old waif that has been chained to a rock in an underground lair for months on end, where the only light is a Casio digital watch from 1983 blinking at you in the gloom. The sole function of this anachronistic timepiece is to tell you that it’s time for more watery gruel to further aid the wastage of your weary body. You then get wrenched from your dank and desolate cave and thrust into the burning midday sun, squeezed into a somewhat odourous rubbery suit and told to flail your puny, atrophied limbs around in the salty water until you can no longer feel the pain.

Of course if it was that bad I wouldn’t have crawled up the beach with a huge grin on my face. But that’s another feeling that only a surfer knows…

I didn’t surf today. I surfed last week but I’ve been too weak to pick up my hefty mouse…

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  1. I’m sure you used to speak a kind of English… the water obviously gets into your language processors. Still as long as you had a good time then.

    1. I put the second sentence through Google translate for you:

      In an ideal world that would mean you’ve spent an indeterminate amount of time (more than 2 hours but less than six) acheiving a sensation of speed due to the crystal clarity of the Indonesian ocean in relation to the proximity of the reef below the wave whilst surfing (for definition of surfing see wikipedia) an approximately two metre high undulation in the water’s surface that is breaking at a fast but even pace along the afore mentioned reef and the only respite from the suns ultra violet intensity available is the crowning point of the undulation that forms a cylindrical appearance above your slightly reddened forehead (from the previous days exposure to the afore mentioned ultra violet energy).


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